Claims and Dispute Resolution


Disagreements or disputes will occur, and sometimes can be unavoidable.  Early legal advice and understanding the options available in seeking to resolve them can be incredibly valuable.  It may be the difference between potentially expensive and lengthy court litigation and an early settlement.

No one relishes falling out with people, especially those they live with; work with; neighbours; or family members, but these disputes do happen.  In that unfortunate event, Stokes Partners’ Litigation team can provide realistic and timely legal advice and assistance; working with you to try to find a solution or identify an outcome which may be acceptable to both parties.

It may not be possible to resolve the dispute without involving the court.  We can advise and represent you throughout the process of court litigation and, later, enforcing judgments or orders granted by the court.

  • Land and neighbour disputes
  • Tenancy issues (landlord or tenant)
  • Employment (employee rights; redundancies and compromise agreements)
  • Unpaid debts and enforcing money Judgments
  • Contested Wills and Probate claims
  • Co-habitation / partner disputes
  • Professional negligence (claims against your professional advisors)
  • Building disputes
  • Insolvency (personal or enforcement action against others)
  • Insurance disputes
  • Consumer rights
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What our clients have said

“We have a saying in our office when there is a property issue, if anyone can, Pang can!”

“I am impressed by the firm and have already recommended it.  Thank you for the successful work you have done for me”

“I feel so lucky that I had such a clever solicitor.  I always trusted you and knew you would achieve a very satisfactory outcome for me”


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