The Somerset Impact Report 2019/20

We’re all so pleased to have received the attached impact report from The Somerset Fund.  This was the Stokes Partners’  chosen charity for the last year.  We decided to support the fund because we’re a small organisation for whom community is really important.  We know that there are hundreds of small charitable groups and organisations across Somerset who are the unsung heroes of their community helping those in need wherever they can.  Many of those groups find it really hard to access funding and a very small amount of funding in monetary terms can make an extraordinary difference.  It’s wonderful to see the breadth of help that has been provided and to know that we’ve contributed to endeavours that in all sorts of ways both great and small really are changing lives.  Stokes Partners has decided to keep The Somerset Fund as our charity for a further year and we look forward to hearing more about the fantastic work it’s doing.

The Somerset Fund impact report 2019-20