When parents separate they need to make arrangements for their children to ensure that they can maintain and develop their relationship with each parent.

We recognise that however amicable your separation may be the ending of any relationship is difficult for all concerned.

You may have differing opinions about where your children should make their primary home and how they should divide their time between you. If you cannot agree this between yourselves either of you may make an application to the court for an order that could decide how much time your children spend with each of you, prevent either of you from taking a particular step in relation to your children or make an order deciding a specific issue in relation to their upbringing. The court’s decision will be on the basis of what is in the best interests of your children and it will generally work on the basis that it is in children’s best interests to spend time with each of their parents.

We advise on your legal position and assist in the negotiation of arrangements for children. If your situation is suitable for mediation we can assist you with a referral to a mediation service and support you through the mediation process. If agreement can’t be reached we can commence and conduct court proceedings to ensure that appropriate long term arrangements are put in place.

Non Molestation and Occupation Orders
If you have been the victim of domestic violence during your relationship or as it ends we can help you get the protection of the court so that your safety is assured. If there’s a dispute about the occupation of a property we can advise you on whether you may be able to exclude your former partner and if necessary make an application to the court to regulate that occupation. If you’re being accused of domestic violence and have received a court application for an injunction or an order excluding you from your home we can advise you on the appropriate response and assist you with court proceedings if you wish.

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We advise on your legal position and assist in the negotiation of arrangements for children

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