Stokes Partners In A Class Of Their Own

At Stokes Partners we’re proud to be sponsors at Chard Equestrian.   We hadn’t appreciated however that our sponsorship would lead to our becoming involved in the inaugural World Championship Horseless Trials that were held at Chard Equestrian as part of their National Helicopter Day celebrations. We’re always up for a challenge however so on Sunday 18 August we sent out two teams!  The challenge was to manoeuvre a wheelchair (plus occupant) around an obstacle course in the Chard Equestrian arena!  The event was aimed at raising money for Regain, an amazing charity dedicated to improving the independence of anyone who has become tetraplegic as a result of a sports injury.

Our two teams were Brendan Pang, Karen Pang (who chose to compete dressed as a horse) and Sarah Warren and Joanne Butler, Colleen Young and Luke Valentine-Barratt.  Although Brendan is convinced his team was the faster of the Stokes Partners entrants the word from the horse’s mouth is that Joanne, Colleen and Luke beat him by a nose at least!