Technologically advanced

Stokes Partners LLP has continued its investment in IT and recently completed a project to replace it’s existing fleet of desktop PC’s  with new ‘thin-client’ workstations capable of running the latest office and legal application software.  In addition, the project has enabled the creation of an in-house training and development facility which will be a huge benefit to its employees going forward.

“We had one eye on the de-support of the Windows XP operating system which is scheduled by Microsoft in early 2014 and the Partners backed the project in recognition of the fact that the entire desktop experience needed to be updated”  said Clare Gates, IT Manager.  “It has been a challenge but a worthwhile investment  in the firm’s future operations.”

Building on the firm’s investment in it’s back office technology  in previous years, the firm now boasts IT facilities which it believes surpasses its competitors .  Once again, SPL is ‘boxing above its weight’  and investing in technology in order to provide a top-class service to its clients.

Stokes Partners LLP prides itself on offering and achieving the highest service to clients.  We are constantly reviewing opportunities and innovations to assist the provision of great client care.  The introduction of WI-FI access for clients visiting our offices is one example.

“Recently we’ve seen the proliferation of hand-held consumer devices like smartphones and tablets which change the way we think about wireless connectivity.  Clients and guests view Wi-Fi as an expected service; a bit like heat, light and water” said Clare Gates, IT Manager.  “It makes sense for us to provide WI-Fi connectivity as a service to our clients and this should be available  for anyone visiting our offices at Kingfisher House from mid-October onwards”.